StableDiffusion: Stoked Reality v2.1 Released

Previously v2.0

The Stoked Reality models have been my most successful to date and I was pleased with v2.0: the textures, prompting response, and it was another step closer to realism than previous versions. Then when coupled with the Stoked Reality LORA I felt the colours were richer and skin details were more varied and defined.

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Changes in v2.1

  • Integrated the Stoked Reality v1.0 LORA, along with some others I haven’t released yet,
  • Updated models used in the merge
  • Colours are brighter and more vibrant
  • Realism of textures and details
  • Improved prompting response
  • Usually good hands without too much bother
  • Good results with no duplication upto just under 1000pxl * 1000pxl

Whilst this model is still based on StableDiffusion 1.5 and not SDXL excellent results can still be achieved approaching those of SDXL with minimal duplication at around 960² pixels.

Versions Released

  • Stoked Reality v2.1 fp32 (safetensors)
  • Stoked Reality v2.1 fp16 (safetensors)
  • Stoked Reality v2.1 fp32 InPaint (safetensors)
  • Stoked Reality v2.1 fp16 InPaint (safetensors)
  • (VAE is baked into the model but I included it anyway)

This model is currently only available on so why not have a look at some other models and resources while you are there.