StableDiffusion: Stoked Reality v2.1 Released

Previously v2.0

The Stoked Reality models have been my most successful to date and I was pleased with v2.0: the textures, prompting response, and it was another step closer to realism than previous versions. Then when coupled with the Stoked Reality LORA I felt the colours were richer and skin details were more varied and defined.

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Changes in v2.1

  • Integrated the Stoked Reality v1.0 LORA, along with some others I haven’t released yet,
  • Updated models used in the merge
  • Colours are brighter and more vibrant
  • Realism of textures and details
  • Improved prompting response
  • Usually good hands without too much bother
  • Good results with no duplication upto just under 1000pxl * 1000pxl

Whilst this model is still based on StableDiffusion 1.5 and not SDXL excellent results can still be achieved approaching those of SDXL with minimal duplication at around 960² pixels.

Versions Released

  • Stoked Reality v2.1 fp32 (safetensors)
  • Stoked Reality v2.1 fp16 (safetensors)
  • Stoked Reality v2.1 fp32 InPaint (safetensors)
  • Stoked Reality v2.1 fp16 InPaint (safetensors)
  • (VAE is baked into the model but I included it anyway)

This model is currently only available on so why not have a look at some other models and resources while you are there.

Dreaded First Post

The dreaded first post – always the least favourite of posts – is like that unexpected bill that hits the doormat just as you think you have money left. So let’s get it out of the way, shall we? Done and dusted, squared away, call it a day, close the book… After all, if we don’t stick to the ritual of the dreaded first post, the sub-atomic process itself may cease!

So, with that gibberish said, welcome to StokeMakes.Art. Now with the first post out of the way, we can now focus on the good stuff – bringing you the most unique and creative artwork that I can create. Thanks for being here with me from the beginning. Let’s get ready for some creation.