My name is David McCreadie, but online, I go by the name Stoke McToke. I was born in 1975 and have had a passion for art since childhood. I began with photography, receiving my first SLR camera, a Pentax ME-Super, from my parents for my 14th birthday, and quickly turned my bedroom into a darkroom to develop my own black and white 10-inch x 8-inch enlargements from 35mm film.

I eventually transitioned to digital art, beginning with Degas Elite, a graphics package packaged on a 3.5-inch floppy disc for the Atari ST. It was more like Microsoft Paint than Photoshop, but it was a useful intro to computer art. When I turned 20, I got my first PC with a 450MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, and a 10GB hard drive. With this new technology, I made sure to get a flatbed scanner for all of my old photos and negatives. Nowadays, my phone has more tech inside its slim form than every piece of equipment I mentioned previously.

At StokeMakesArt, I create digital art for wall hanging as well as for use on a variety of products sold through different storefronts, including Etsy, RedBubble, and Amazon. My goal is to tie everything together for presentation in one place, allowing you to easily discover and enjoy my work.

My artistic influences are rooted in the comics, movies, and media that I enjoyed during my childhood. As an adult, I have shifted my focus to independent online and local media creators, finding inspiration in both the past and the future. I enjoy experimenting with contrasts, such as black and white gritty textures, pastel kitsch, cyberpunk neon, and steampunk muted palettes. With the help of technology, including AI, my imagination has no bounds, and I am always pushing myself to create innovative and imaginative pieces.

Thank you for visiting StokeMakesArt, and I hope you enjoy exploring my creations. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me.